Sunday, November 2, 2008

Part of a Pattern

The Enchanted Closet, Woodend, Victoria. Nov. 2008. Ajr
A few weeks ago I was in a South Canterbury antique store marveling over their huge range of old Butterick sewing patterns. I tried to think of some creative use I could find for them but came up with nothing beyond a few half-formed notions. Today, here in Woodend in Victoria, I was delighted to discover a little creative triumph – the changing room of a delightful store called Enchanted Closet ‘wallpapered’ with old sewing patterns! It looked amazing – simple, effective, feminine, interesting, creative and best of all, DIFFERENT. In an age when gift stores seem to be popping up like mushrooms on a damp day, it’s important to stand out in the crowd; for store owners to distinguish themselves with some creative point of difference. I think Kate at Enchanted Closet has achieved that marvelously well.

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