Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art Meets Engineering

Christchurch Art Gallery is currently teasing us with two spectacular foyer works by acclaimed Christchurch sculptor, Andrew Drummond. They're the forerunner to Drummond's first comprehensive survey exhibition - Observation/Action/Reflection - that opens at Christchurch Art Gallery in May. The survey show covers a diverse range of works from 1980-2010 - everything from sculpture, installation, documentation of performance art, drawing, photography and technology. The above work is "Viewing Device, Counter-Rotating" steel, aluminium, air-system, paint 2008-2010. Partially-funded by Creative New Zealand, it is suspended the full height of the gallery's glass foyer - a powerful, mechanical presence that quietly glows and rotates, catching the exterior light and instilling a sense of wonder in viewers. Higher up on an interior wall, Counter-Rotating and Earthing Device, 'hisses and whirrs' as it brushes past a glass and copper earth-plate, causing a visible and audible electrical charge. Together, they provide obvious clues to Drummond's passion for technological innovation and precision engineering - and to his ability to "combine aesthetics and technology to create machines that reference both nineteenth-century and cutting-edge inventions. His full exhibition runs from May 14 to September 5.

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