Thursday, July 1, 2010

Southern Architectural Heft

The iconic Water Tower in Invercargill is but one of the hefty buildings that dominate the Invercargill urban landscape - and I use the term 'urban' lightly given that this small southern city is a little less than 'pulsing' in a true urban fashion. The domed Roman Catholic St Mary's Basilica (1905) get a facelift. This is another of the magnificent Catholic churches designed by early architect, F.W.Petre - he was also responsible for Christchurch, Waimate and Timaru eccesiastical beauties.
The magnificent old Railway Hotel (1896) now the Victoria Railway Hotel somehow "survived the Temperance Movement that kept Southland dry for decades.'
And the old but recently restored Town Hall - one and all, grand architectural statements that would stand well in any larger city. They are indicator perhaps of Southland's early and continuing wealth - a province that no matter how much we mock it, remains one of the wealthiest in the country.

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MiriamS said...

Normally when I go to Invercargill, it's in and out like a flash. Good to see these chappies still standing ;)


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