Monday, August 9, 2010

Wharf Architecture - Auckland

There's a delicacy and a fragility about this building on the Auckland waterfront that I rather like. The light, shimmering green and blue polycarbonate cladding an appropriate foil to the hefty wharf beams, the chunky machinery and the boats that moor along side it.
It takes the water into the architecture too - a sense of the transparency of the ocean; a perfect marriage to its environment and yet a contrast at the same time. Thanks to an Auckland reader, I can now confirm that this extension to the Voyager NZ Maritime Museum, completed in 2009, was designed by Auckland architect, Peter Bossley of Bossley Architects, as a memorial to New Zealand yachtsman, the late Sir Peter Blake, who was shot in the Amazon in 2002. The building was designed as an exhibition space for NZL32, the yacht that first won the America's Cup for New Zealand.

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