Thursday, September 16, 2010

More from the Earthquake Zone

When everything around them was collapsing with magnificent fury during the September 4th Christchurch earthquake, these little salt and pepper shakers stood firm and straight. I think it's a lovely metaphor for the people of Christchurch in the aftermath of the quake - determined battlers keeping on, despite the mayhem in their daily lives.
A couple of days ago, I read that Christchurch had had over 565 after-shocks in a ten-day period. It seems unbelievable - even from the point of view of someone sitting here experiencing shake after hideous shake. Obviously many have been indiscernable but nonetheless, it's a graphic reminder of just how very unreliable Nature has turned out to be. And I for one, have quite enough. Now it's just irritating. Take last night for instance - I was shaken awake on three separate occasions and in the haze of sleep, it's easy to wonder if it's all starting all over again.
But you only have to take a walk around the city to find plenty of reminders of how jolly lucky we people in Christchurch have been. Sure there are ruined homes and collapsed businesses but we're all still alive. And when you see sights like this car, still abandoned on Lichfield Street, that seems all the more miraculous.
And, coming at the quake from a completely different angle - am I only the only person small-minded enough to be intensely annoyed that this thing is still standing?


Bron said...

No, no. I'm intensely annoyed at those things too and the fact they are still charging!
Grumble grumble...
Up to 640 quakes now, oh for an undisturbed sleep.

Michelle said...

OMG I can't believe those images. Yes, it reminds us to count our blessings.



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