Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Melbourne Cup Mania

Woodend Poster. Nov. 2008. Ajr
Being in Melbourne at this time of year - amid Melbourne Cup Fever - is like being in New Zealand in the middle of a winter rugby season - everyone is obsessed; totally focussed.... in this case, on horse racing. Every newspaper, every television channel is dedicated to likely winners and losers - in both the race itself and in the fashion stakes. It was freezing here yesterday, so I missed the Melbourne Cup parade in central city, which is a pity because the thoroughbreds looked spectacular strutting the streets in their red silk jackets; and I won't be attend Cup Day today either. But tomorrow is another day - Kyneton Cup day in fact. Yes, race fever goes beyond the big event and seeps out into the rural surrounds. Locals tell me the Kyneton Cup is just as eagerly awaited (locally) as the Melbourne Cup and if my race day experience at the Noorama Picnic Races in Outback Queensland in April are anything to go by, I'd say Kyneton is in for some wild times tomorrow. www.countryracing.com.au

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