Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Sweet Homestead

Huntley House, Riccarton. Feb.2009. Ajr
I’ve made no secret of my passion for old homesteads and this one – Christchurch’s Huntley House – is a beauty. Originally built in 1876 as a family home by one of Christchurch’s early settlers, J.H. Twentyman, it sits at the end of a long tree-enshrouded driveway in Upper Riccarton and is now a beautiful boutique hotel. It’s a shame when these lovely old homes become commercial operations rather than family homes but the one good thing about that is, we can all get to peek inside as a result. And the conversion to hotel has been done beautifully – the homestead is opulent and peaceful and still retains that quintessential homestead feeling. Huntley House. Feb 2009. Ajr And if you get to rest your head on one of their pillows, I’ll be envious. The five upstairs guest suites are enormous and two of them open onto the wisteria-covered upstairs balcony overlooking the large gardens. Two new apartment buildings have also been harmoniously added to the complex giving Huntley House a grand total of 17 rooms. www.huntleyhouse.co.nz

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