Thursday, February 19, 2009

Island Sanctuary

Small Nugget at Sydney Cove, Ulva Island. Feb 2009. Ajr Sydney Cove, Ulva Island Feb 2009 Ajr I've just spent three glorious days working in the deep south - on Stewart Island, which sits about 30 kilometres south of Bluff, across the Foveaux Strait. And for those of you who thought the sun only shone in the North Island, take a look at those blue skies! The two shots above were taken at Sydney Cove, a completely empty beach on Ulva Island, which is a bird sanctuary in Paterson Inlet. It is a near perfect little island with just 11 kilometres of coastline and you get to it via a seven-minute water taxi ride from Stewart Island. Oban, Half Moon Bay, Stewart Island. Feb 2009 Ajr And these were taken at Stewart Island's main - and only - township, Oban. It was a beautiful afternoon when I took these shots but regardless of weather, Half Moon Bay is always pretty with its multitude of boats moored in the harbour and its little holiday homes creeping up the bushy hillsides.
Sea & Sky
Leaving Stewart Island by Ferry
Feb 2009. Ajr

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