Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Happiest of Birthdays!!

Today is my blog’s first birthday and I feel bound to celebrate with cake!
Or I would if I wasn’t away travelling for a couple of days. I would be scoffing large slices of this! I’ve been amazed – and very grateful – for all the support I’ve had from everyone since I set up this blog on February 12, 2008. Many of you have sent me fabulous material and photographs and helped make my blog pretty and interesting; others have put links on their own websites…....You know who you are..... I love it all.
Now, in a fit of irrational enthusiasm I have set up a second blog – Introducing Maori Lifestyles – which some of you have already discovered. I hope you’ll check it out..…and remember, you can now readily link from Adrienne Rewi Online to Introducing Maori Lifestyles simply by clicking on the top right image on each blog. You can dance back and forth to your heart's content.

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