Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coffee in Centre Place

I'm back in the lanes again - Melbourne's lanes - and specifically Centre Place, which is one of the best of all the lanes for sitting around drinking coffee and taking photographs.
People gather here in their thousands every day.
I always try to arrive at lunch time because the place is packed.
It's not a long lane but it's narrow and both sides are home to 'back-to-back' cafes and sandwhich bars. You often have to wait for a seat as all the cafes are small - some are actually tiny - but it's always worth the wait.
On the other hand, you often get your best photographs by standing around outside. Centre Place is well known for the colourful graffiti that colours the walls in the dog-leg of the lane - and for its posters, its buskers and sightseers, and the constant stream of people taking it as a short cut through to one of the bigger streets. I come here often, so if you want to see more photos - it changes every time you visit - click on Centre Place in the label line below this post - or graffiti.

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