Friday, May 14, 2010

Cool Cars - Special Edition

You won't see one of these every day. That may not bother some of you but for classic car fans, it's a rare and real treat. My American car sleuth - my Los Angeles-based eldest brother was on the prowl (probably showing off his latest Porsche), when he ground to halt to get these photographs for me.
"It's a 1938 Cadillac Limousine. Apparently the seating was a special and rare factory option, together with an optional bar fitted when the car was built. I wonder if it was a celebration of the end of the Prohibition Era?" he ponders.
I love it from the outside - a big, bold hulk of a thing but I'm not so enamoured of the red, velvety interior. I think that looks kind of slutty and gives a whole to meaning to the term 'pimp my car.' That said, I'd love to see it cruising the streets of Christchurch. I can just see our City Mayor using it as his official mayoral vehicle.

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