Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday Lunch in Woodend

During my recent stay in Woodend, Victoria, about an hour north of Melbourne, I treated myself to the culinary delights of Maloa House in the main street - a sometimes cramped mix of cafe, deli, gourmet food and general gift store. It's like they couldn't decide what they wanted to be, so they didn't. But that doesn't actually matter in the end because the food is always delicious. Service can be patchy and from time to time you feel like a bit of a nuisance when you want to buy something and all the cafe/shop staff are trying to cope with the rush of weekend business, but I can even forgive that. Woodend itself, is a popular stop for Melburnians out on their weekend drives and the day I was there, munching through my artichoke and Parmesan rissotto cake followed by coffee and muffin, was no exception. A chummy Italian family from Carlton sat next to me and we swapped food notes in that amiable kind of way that fellow travellers often do.

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