Monday, August 8, 2011

Bella Cucina - A Southern Gem

You're never short of a good restaurant in Queenstown and one of my personal favourites is Bella Cucina - a warm-hearted little spot in Brecon Street that's all about sharing a love of Italy and a passion for good food and wine.
Co-owner Martin James and a team of international chefs spin out simple, tasty food that you remember long after the event - Southland lamb, spicy sausage, wild rabbit and hare, all slow-cooked in the big wood-fired oven that gives the restaurant so much atmosphere.
There's laughter and noise, flickering candles, rustic candelabras, iron wall lights and vintage Italian posters - and of course, the always-tantalizing aroma of herbs and fine cooking. Best of all, in a resort town filled with spending opportunities, it doesn't break the bank.


Rebekah White said...

Looks delicious! Totally adding this to the list for when I visit Queenstown over Christmas...

Adrienne Rewi said...

Good choice! :-) Adrienne


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