Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Designer Den

Artikel, Wellington. April 2009 Ajr I know what you're all thinking - why didn't she take a photo that shows what Artikel is all about? Well, I did think about it, but I quite like the sense of mystery that comes with this photo of their imposing silver door and the boldness of their signage. I like to think it makes you want to know more - but maybe that's because I have the advantage of knowing what visual treats lie inside this little design emporium. And not only that - there's the fantastic staff! They made my day yesterday. And when I commented that I loved one of their posters - that it should in fact be my Frommers motto; that I should have it emblazoned across my car as a kind of personal logo - they wouldn't let me leave the store without giving me a cool mini version of it on a carry bag. I think I might be a fan forever and ever more.

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