Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three Cheers For Street Art

"Common Ground" at TheNewDowse, Lower Hutt. April 2009 Ajr
How totally fantastic to see street art getting gallery space!!!
I fell in love with this terrific exhibition - "Common Ground" - at TheNewDowse. I stopped by today and could hardly tear myself away. The show is a collaboration between the German design group and artist collective, Via Grafik and Auckland street art crew, Cut Collective. Both walk that thin line between art and vandalism; both share the philosophy that "if the wall is kept grey, the mind will follow." I'm right with them on that. I'm SO inspired by Wellington and the fact that the city doesn't seem to be AFRAID of street art and graffiti (like they are in Christchurch). I'm constantly excited by all the visual stimulation - heck, even some of the city buses are 'splashed' with street art. It's fun. It's fantastic. This show at the Dowse gives us all a taste of just how creative street art - and particularly stencilling - can be. Also included is Board Art 08, a collection of skateboard artworks from 40 New Zealand artists, designers and musicians, which is currently touring NZ courtesy of COCA in Christchurch. www.newdowse.org.nz

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