Thursday, July 23, 2009

Architecture - A Close-Up

Christchurch. July 2009.Ajr
I featured this building here a few days ago but how much better it looks on a blue-skied day. It's Christchurch's newst office highrise (well...a mere 13-stories if you can call that highrise), and New Zealand's first 5-star Green Rated building (NZ Green Building Council). It was a Lattitude Group project and it's located on Worcester Street just across the tram lines from Christchurch Art Gallery. I have taken to photographing its details - in fact, I've been photographing its details for some time. If you enter 'cranes' into the blog search box, you'll find a number of shots of it under construction. I like it overall but I do wonder if anyone will ever use these flimsy-looking little balconies. The building overlooks one of Christchurch's busiest walkways, so anyone standing on the balconies is going to be 'on show' to the passing world.

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