Saturday, July 18, 2009

Melbourne - A Street Art Perspective

Melbourne 2007. Ajr Last night I was reminded of my passion for two (or many) things - Melbourne, my favourite Australian city; and street art/gaffiti. Turns out one of my blog readers is a graffiti fan too and last night I followed him all around my blog as he wrote great comments here and there along his visual journey. (Thanks BF; Love it :-)). The trouble with a blog is, once it gets to a certain age, it has this HUGE backlog of material in its archives that many people never visit - that I never re-visit myself; so last night's little trip through the archives was fun. It reminded me of just how many postings I've made about gaffiti - and it also reminded me of how many hundreds of photographs I still have to share. So here's two of them - from one of Melbourne's back lanes where graffiti rules - and in a good way! And whatever, your interests, I do hope you'll take time to explore the deep inner recesses of my blog - you never know what you might find. :-) Just put a word into the blog search box (top left) and away you go.

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