Friday, March 13, 2009

Dart River Adventures

Images courtesy of Dart River Safaris.
As I noted in the last edition of Frommers New Zealand, sitting in an inflatable Canadian-style canoe and floating down the Dart River at 8km an hour, taking in spectacular scenery and casually waving your paddles about, is my idea of a sensible adventure - none of this bungy-jumping racket for me; no leaping off ridiculously high cliffs for a thrill. Dart River Safaris are more my style. They’ll whiz you up-river in a jet baot for 75 minutes, before despatching you in one of these jolly red canoes. The whole of the Glenorchy area where you set off from - forty minutes from Queenstown in jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes – is a Must-Explore region if you hanker after the unspoiled and the unforgettable. (That’s probably why Peter Jackson filmed large tracts of Lord of the Rings here). And by doing it in one of Dart River Safaris’ funyaks, you get to see a whole lot more of the remote than you would otherwise have access to at a relaxed pace you can enjoy.

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