Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flora and Forma

Christchurch Botanis Gardens. march 2009. Ajr
Meet Podoferricus Inosculata
Coming upon this sculpture by Tony Bond on the Botanic Garden's Pine Mound is something of a visual treat. It has a low profile - snuggled into the grass - and is only just visible from the lawns below. But that's a glimpse tantalising enough to have encouraged me forward. Made of welded G-clamps, Bond's work alludes to any number of things. For me it's a pristine construction, part white waka - a canoe 'beached' on a grassy, pine-covered hillock and part teepee. I had to fight the urge to crawl inside; and now that I'm home again, I wonder why I resisted. www.festivalofflowers.co.nz

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