Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Dunedin. May 2009. Ajr
I'm no big fan of casinos but when I was in Dunedin recently, checking out the Southern Cross Hotel, 'our paths crossed' - given that the hotel and the casino are part of the same building. I was with the hotel duty manager at the time and asked if I could take some shots of the over-the-top ceiling. He said that would be fine, so I returned with my camera and set about capturing the ornate 'gilded' ceiling. I was in the middle of things when I was approached by a very aggressive 'bouncer' who told me to stop and who would not listen to reason. Nor did he care that I 'had permission.' But he was too late. I already had the images I wanted and just to annoy him I stood right in the middle of the entry and took this shot of the rather divine tiled floor. It was one of the photos that I was most pleased with that day - in a perverse kind of way.

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