Monday, June 22, 2009

Off the Rails

Auckland. April 2009. Ajr When I was in Auckland recently, updating the inner city transport systems at the Britomart Transport Centre for the latest edition of Frommers New Zealand, I went down into the railway system to see how things were working. And, true to form, I couldn't resist a photograph or ten. I loved the way the neon, the lights, the people, the architecture were all interacting, so as I descended on the escalator, I took these photos. I carried on and took a few more once I got to the bottom - UNTIL I was tapped on the shoulder by a security guard, who told me photographs were not allowed. I asked him why not - I was only photographing the lights after all. "Because they're not," he said. I quickly decided he was a plonker. I mean...was he worried I was a terrorist or something? Ridiculous! He could at least have given me a legitimate reason. But I loved the lights anyway and came away quite happy.

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Robin Capper said...

The guard was wrong;

From their own website

"Britomart is available as a location for your photo shoot, TV Commercial or movie scene.

If you are just passing through and want to take holiday snaps, feel free. Please be aware though, that you may not impede the operation of the centre in any way or be an obstruction or nuisance to the passengers. Safety at the station is also a priority, therefore you may not do anything to put yourself or anyone else at risk.

There are restrictions on professional filming and photography in and around the Britomart Transport Centre."


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