Friday, June 12, 2009

Living Life on the Edge!

Images courtesy SkyWalk, Auckland Am I the only person who thinks this is totally crazy?
It's possible my fear of heights may be colouring my judgement but from where I'm sitting, this just looks like showing off! I hasten to add I have nothing against SkyWalk. I have huge admiration for a company that can encourage people to part with hard-earned cash so they walk around Sky Tower's 1.2 metre wide ring with no handrails 192 metres in the air. I just wish I'd thought of the idea. I was given the opportunity to do this 'walk' when I was in Auckland recently - for free. "It's never going to happen," I told them, thanking them kindly for their generous offer. But I did go up to the viewing deck to watch a surprising number of people willing to hang off a cord and walk the perimeter. I found the glass-faced lift - complete with a glass box in the floor looking directly down into the lift mechanics -challenge enough. That will do me. I'll leave dare-devil antics like this to those who really do want to 'live on the edge.' And if walking around the perimeter isn't thrill enough, you can of course jump off - but Sky Jump is another story for another time.

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