Friday, May 2, 2008

Meet the People - 8

Stephen Symons. 2008. Ajr
Another in the series Meet The People - Ordinary and Extraordinary New Zealanders doing interesting things - Stephen Symons is used to getting attention. He's been employed by Christchurch City Council as The Town Crier since 1989 and he's resigned himself to the fact that when you wander about the city square wearing a red jacket, black breeches, white stockings and a cocked black hat, you're going to be photographed. And so it is that, every day in Cathedral Square just after noon, The Town Crier rings his bell, unfurls a scroll and booms out the latest city happenings. He's usually there between 11am and 1pm; he's up for a chat at any time; and he takes the odd walking tour

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