Friday, August 1, 2008

Fish and Chips Please!

The Fish and Chip Shop, SOL Square, Christchurch. July 2008. Ajr.
The good old Kiwi tradition of fish and chips wrapped in newspaper is alive and well at The Fish and Chip Shop in Christchurch’s SOL Square. From the Edmonds Baking Powder tins adapted to become light fittings over the downstairs bar and the stairwell filled with memorabilia and old photographs to the upstairs Formica dining tables and the old red tomato sauce dispensers, it’s a totally giddy wander down memory lane. I love the place. And if you’re in the mood to eat, there is of course, fish and chips; or you could indulge in a roast dinner finished off with pavlova. Completely quirky and riddled with Kiwiana, it makes a change from super-slick minimalist design trends.

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Kate @ Tres Lola said...

I love Fish and Chips! Foods great & great prices... and it's in SOL square... which is the greatest little place to drink in Chch in my opinion... and its within stumbling distance of my apartment.


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