Thursday, July 14, 2011

Underwater Worlds

I've never liked the idea of diving myself but I am intrigued by underwater photography and the amazing images that are possible at depth. I was sent these images recently by the team at Dive! Tutukaka , at the Poor Knights Dive Centre, north of Whangarei.
Dive! Tutukaka is New Zealand's premier, full-service dive charter operator serving the Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve, where crystal-clear waters near the edge of the continental shelf are bathed in subtropical currents. Sheer cliff faces, sea caves, tunnels and archways are teeming with a wide range of sea life, including many subtropical fish species not normally found in New Zealand waters. The reserve, rated one of the top 10 diving spots in the world by Jacques Yves Cousteau, is strictly controlled by the Department of Conservation.
Dive! Tutukaka has the largest dedicated dive charter fleet in New Zealand and you hit the water with qualified dive guides. Some of the team are also award-winning underwater photographers, so you'll get great tips when you descend to the deep. Among the adventures are dive expeditions to the wrecks of the HMNZS Tui and the HMNZS Waikato. Both of these large navy vessels were prepared for diving before being sunk to deiver-friendly depths - the Tui in 1999 and the Waikato in 2000. You can watch a video of their sinking at and see how they have become part of the underwater world eleven years on.

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