Monday, September 26, 2011

People-Watching in Brunswick Street - Melbourne

Brunswick Street in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, is a trendy place filled with cafes, boutique stores, masses of street art and a wide variety of interesting people.

I don't tend to photograph a lot of people. For some reason I have yet to pinpoint, I prefer to shoot cityscapes and landscapes devoid of human beings, focussing instead on the beauty of nature, or the tell-tale signs of man. But when I'm in the mood, I like nothing better than roaming the streets, taking secretive shots of people going about their everyday business.
And you're never short of a good subject in Brunswick Street as the young hipsters and fashionistas go about their boutique shopping and cafe crawling, sharing the footpaths with interesting immigrants.
I prefer my people photography to go unnoticed. I like immediacy and the mood of people photographed in everyday situations - shots that (hopefully) capture something of the mood of the place.

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