Monday, December 1, 2008

Modern Classics

BISON, Howey Place, Melbourne, Australia. Nov. 2008 Ajr
I discovered a terrific shop when I was in Melbourne recentlyBISON Homeware, which was founded by principal designer, Brian Tunks. According to the little leaflet I picked up in the store about “Caring for Your Bison’ (and doesn’t that conjure up some comical images?), Brian trained in classics and archaeology at the Australian National University, which is where he developed his love of ceramics. While studying ancient Greco-Roman excavations in the Middle East, he unearthed a wonderful array of artefacts – everything from decorative vessels and domestic bowls to pottery shards. It’s a wonderful background for someone now producing a colourful, sturdy range of Australian stoneware – chubby little vessels that have a feel of strength and durability. It’s easy to imagine them as the artefacts of the future – and I do like the fanciful notion of someone digging up my porridge bowl in the back garden 1,000 years from now. I wonder what else they’ll find – and what they’ll make of me when they study ‘the shards of my life.’

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