Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Architecture in the Provinces

I am fascinated by old buildings in small New Zealand towns – especially old banks, rural town halls and small-town club buildings. They say so much about the sociological fabric of our country, yet sadly they continue to disappear as towns make way for the new. I know many photographers who share a passion for photographing old buildings and of course New Zealand photographer, the late Robin Morrison was an early forerunner in capturing these great little ‘architectural nuggets.’
When I was over in Hokitika last week, I noticed that a number of the old buildings there are now being preserved – I’m not always a fan of flashy coats of paint but it is good to see that someone has colonised these old relics and made them tidy and sound enough to endure a few more decades yet. The old bank building (lower image) is now home (upstairs) to a local craftsman, who makes his sculptures in the downstairs rooms; and directly across the street, another old bank building has been converted into a popular theatre space (top image).

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