Sunday, August 16, 2009

A West Coast Church Moment

When I visited Hokitika on the South Island's West Coast last weekend, the weather was perfect. I took no time at all to find the town's magnificent Catholic Church - though it must be said that the town isn't big and the church is! I love church architecture and I took dozens of photos of this beauty at different times of the day. And on the Sunday I went back again expecting to find the church packed with people. I was obviously too late getting out of bed - I suppose the Catholics were all up at a dawn mass or something and long since finished by the time I arrived - which suited me because it meant I could tip-toe into the church to take a look all by myself. I expected something marvellous and was greatly disappointed. The inside was austere and it smelt decidedly fusty - in short, it failed to live up to the architectural promise of the grand exterior. I would have loved to have found a way up into the gorgeous bell tower but in these days of rigorous safety precautions, I suppose that's long-since been locked up. Lovely to admire from ground level nonetheless!

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