Sunday, December 27, 2009

Visual Stuff

Christchurch. December 2009 Ajr
To say that I am inspired by the visual is an understatement!
My whole approach to life is testament to that.
Wherever I go, wherever I am, my eyes cast about for the detail of things. It's something I no longer even bother to control. I just make sure I am always carrying a camera. There was a time when I would pause to sketch but the older I get the more time seems to be galloping away without me, so a camera is my saviour - my way of capturing the tiny visual moments that make me look twice. It's not about anything special. Most of the things that draw me up short are things that I am sure other people would walk straight past....these coloured letters and rolls of gift ribbon in a store for instance. It wasn't just the fact that I love typography - in all its forms - it is also about the underlying connotations of things - the memories they trigger, the urge to create, sometimes a nostalgia, sometimes an overwhelming sense of the beauty of small things. We live in a fast world, a world that no longer seems to place value on the small and the insignificant. We walk past beauty every minute of every day and we complain that our lives are dull and uninteresting. We fail to realise that the beauty of life really IS in the smallness of one's life. That in fact, is philosophy that sits at the core of this entire blog.

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