Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Back on November 13, 1924, Frederick Goodman of Gisborne signed a contract with the Tolaga Bay Harbour Board for the construction of the Tolaga Bay Wharf and road for the grand sum of 60,331 pounds but it wasn’t until 1929 that the wharf was officially opened. It closed to all shipping in 1968 and to all vehicular traffic in 1977; and today it remains – all buildings removed – as a popular spot for fishing and a destination for tourists. It is, after all, the longest wharf in New Zealand and it sits in the spectacularly beautiful Tolaga Bay, 45 kilometres northeast of Gisborne. The day I swung by in May, there was a steady flow of visitors calling by for photographs and a leisurely walk to the end. I would have done the same but for the fact that I was on a travel deadline and had to get to Gisborne before dark. My photographs were therefore hurried and unspectacular.

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