Thursday, January 7, 2010

Outside Art

We're TRYING to create a little slice of Melbourne in Christchurch - in developing the back lanes that run off Lichfield, High and Manchester Streets. Once a tangle of back alleys that gave access to hefty brick factories and old shops, both areas have been re-developed to include cafes, bars, restaurants and boutique shops. It's not quite Melbourne. For one thing it's only a tiny area by comparison; but I like the way that both areas - SOL and Poplar Lanes - have encouraged the spread of graffiti, street art and whacky creations. It's a stretch to call some of it art but at least it's on the right track.
I was wandering through Poplar Lanes last weekend and was delighted to see the brick walls outside Vespa Cafe (near the French Farmers' Market - featuring here tomorrow), have been adorned with someone's artwork. I like the injection of colour and visual interest. Just a pity they haven't labelled the works with the artist's name; I for one, would like to know more.

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