Saturday, October 22, 2011

Re-Colouring a Broken City

I have taken hundreds of photographs of earthquake ruins in the thirteen months since the mag 7.1 quake on September 4, 2010 and as I was sorting through them today, I thought how endlessly dreary most of them were. I sat here wondering how long it would be before the city was, once again, a bright, busy, colourful place that I could happily roam , safe in the knowledge that if I ventured in there, it wasn't all going to collapse around - or on - me. I decided I couldn't wait however long that might take, and seldom needing any encouragement, I launched into Photoshop.
For me, there's just about as much guesswork involved in Photoshop as there is in predicting when Christchurch will seem 'colourful' again, so I sincerely hope no one asks me how I achieved these effects. I've forgotten already. But I like the results.
I was aiming for 'a change of mood' and I think an element of surreal has been introduced - which is appropriate given that that's exactly how the inner city seems when you walk around the cordon.
I quite like a green brick library.
And I definitely fancy bright green containers.
And I'm wishfully fantasising about a rainbow coloured ruin
Under a moody fluorescent rainbow.
It doesn't seem like a lot to wish for from where I'm sitting.

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