Thursday, March 29, 2012

Architectural Demise - Christchurch Earthquake

Central city Christchurch is ever-changing. I took this series of photographs two weeks ago and already, some of them are out-of-date. Nonetheless, they are an indication of progress - if progress can be measured as the elimination of huge chunks of architectural history.
Reflections and Openings
Looking north on Manchester Street
Manchester Street
The same brick building, Manchester Street
Containers supporting a flimsy facade
Tuam Street, looking at what's left of the McKenzie & Willis building on corner of High Street
Floral tribute, Manchester Street

Off Tuam Street
Cranes moving in to begin demolition of Clarendon Towers
Otautahi braced for the future
Some things removed, others revealed
Concrete and Containers
Moving in to begin the demolition of the old Santorini Restaurant building on cnr Gloucester Street & Cambridge Terrace
Lone pillar - but not for much longer, Cambridge Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
The demolition of the Gallery Apartments on Gloucester Street
Demolition work on Gallery Apartments next to Christchurch Art Gallery

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