Monday, April 7, 2008

The Art of Maori Tattoo

There’s been a resurgence of the art of Ta Moko (tattoo) as Maori seek to reclaim their heritage and cultural traditions. Every tattoo is customised to reflect an individual’s own beliefs, ancestry and spirituality. Sharon Henderson of Okains Bay thought long and hard about the sort of tattoo she wanted and she sought out one of our best Ta Moko artists to do it. Te Rangitu Netana, now living in Kerikeri is famous for having custom designed tattoos for British rock star, Robbie Williams. Sharon's decision paid off. She not only ended up with this beautiful, delicate, highly personalised work on her arm – which includes reference to her family’s whaling ancestry – she also won Best Female Ta Moko at the 2008 South Island Tattoo Show recently. If you are interested in Maori culture and Maori Tattoo, please click on my other blog and put Tattoo into the blog search box top left of home page.

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