Friday, April 4, 2008

Riddled With History

And this is where I slept – at the ever-so-dreamy Rowandale Homestead. It’s now home to Luis and Angela - the fifth generation of the Thacker family to reside here – and they’re perfect hosts. Several of their grand rooms are given over to homestead stays and if you’re looking for the ultimate escape, complete with fine food and wine, huge bedrooms, a delicious balcony bathtub, alfresco balcony beds, total silence, magnificent scenery and the chance to explore the nearby historic village, then pack your bags and get yourself there immediately. I fell in love with it. I didn’t want to leave. Built in 1908-1916 to what is purported to be architect Cecil Wood’s largest ever design, it has a Historic Places Trust Category II listing and was constructed from bricks made from onsite clay. Today it oozes character and spirit and, cleverly decorated in an elegant, shabby-chic style, it’s relaxed and sumptuous at the same time – and isn’t that how holidays are supposed to be?

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