Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Art of Buildings

Christchurch. September 2009. Ajr
We're a little sparse on detail here given that I photographed this work from at least six feet away, but I hope it gives a tiny hint of the beauty of Sukjoon Jang's binary-like photographic slithers of the stone buildings within the Christchurch Arts Centre. South Korean Jang was artist-in-residence at the Arts Centre earlier this year and many of her works are currently on show on bus stops and billboards around town - I featured some of them here last week in fact. I particularly like this series and the way the works turn the architectural heft of our Victorian Gothic stone buildings to something ephemeral and delicate. The location of this work too - tucked away under the elaborate staircase in the huge clocktower - is a nice surprise. It's like discovering a small glowing jewel in a dark corner.

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