Monday, September 14, 2009

Jiggle, Wiggle, Wobble, Bounce

So you thought jewellery was all about gold, silver and gemstones? Well, think again because Sharon Fitness is just one jeweller exploring a plethora of new materials that bring a whole new meaning to contemporary jewellery. I think these three photographs – courtesy of inform jewellery in Christchurch, where Sharon has her latest exhibition – say it all. Colourful, tactile, original and fun.
Sharon, who graduated from Auckland University’s Manukau School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in contemporary jewellery in 2007, has already had a number of successful exhibitions in high profile galleries like Masterworks, Objectspace and Fingers Contemporary Jewellery. I’m not surprised. Her work is distinctly different. It’s new, fresh and fun and people are invariably drawn to it – whether it’s in a gallery display case or on someone’s garment. What’s it made of? Can I touch it? What does it feel like? All common questions when you wear a piece of Sharon’s vibrant silicon jewellery. “I create silicon jewels that are fun by design; encouraging the wearer to interact with the object, negotiating how it is worn and how it appears to the outside world. This in turn encourages play and interaction between wearer and observer. These floppy, changeable objects offer new possibilities for adorning and viewing jewellery, creating temporal art experiences for random audiences,” says Sharon. They’re definitely conversation starters and for Sharon, the pieces have a life of their own. “My practice revolves around play, fun and random happenings. I work with silicon because it offers the flexibility, changeability and tactility I need to produce playful wobbly wearable beings. I like that they have a life of their own, that they prompt the wearer to jiggle wiggle wobble and bounce along with them.”

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