Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going Troppo!

Back in September, I flew from Melbourne to Port Douglas to stay at the very lovely Niramaya Villas. (You can read about that by scrolling down to an earlier blog). With camera at the ready, I spent a leisurely five days exploring both the Niramaya grounds and the wider Port Douglas community. Tropical flowers were a recurring theme. Here are a few - a water lily and frangipani above and more botanic beauties below.
Red Torch Ginger
Heliconia rostrata
Some type of palm berry
And most spectacular of all, the subtle green beauty of the jade vine - this one growing over a pergola in one of the Niramaya Villas.  Niramaya and Port Douglas seem like a world away, now that I'm back in Christchurch. The city is flushed green with spring but there's nothing very tropical about the place. But it's nice to wander through my photo files every so often, to transport myself back to all that colour and unstoppable tropical growth.

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