Monday, July 21, 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Lake Forsyth, Banks Peninsular. July 2008. Ajr
When you stand on the edge of Lake Forsyth – known to Maori as Wairewa – it’s hard not to feel a little sad about this poisoned place. A few days ago it looked moody and enticing, pretty almost; but this is not a lake you want to swim or fish in. Thanks to a wide range of contributing culprits - from erosion and bird fouling to human effluent - the lake suffers from algal contamination. Its water is poisoned, fish are dying, it is silting up and boating on the lake is virtually non-existent. Once a valuable food resource for Maori – especially eels – it is predicted it will become a swamp within five years if the problem can’t be solved.

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Cheryl Bernstein said...

Great photo! Wairewa is such a special place, full of history and myth, and your image captures those qualities.


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