Monday, September 22, 2008

Not-So-Big Art Ideas

"Strawberry Fields Forever." Paul Johns, Christchurch. Sept.2008 Ajr.
Yes this is art. The top shot shows artist, Paul Johns (in red) getting ready to open his work for SCAPE 2008 in Little Hagley Park. Johns has played with his interest in the connections between music and literary ideas "and the way in which an idea can promote greater awareness of a philosophy through art." He has laid a bronze plaque dedicated to John Lennon entitled "Strawberry Fields", which is surrounded by (a few) struggling strawberry plants. Forget a strawberry FIELD, there's barely enough to be considered a strawberry PATCH. Saturday visitors were invited to join Johns for tea/coffee and strawberry cakes. I didn't stick around to see how many turned up; perhaps the strawberry goodies enticed a few Saturday walkers to stop and wonder about the plaque. For me it was an idea that could have been far better realised...if only in a more generous planting of strawberry plants. It all seemed a tad rushed and 'inadequate' in some way....though the white tent does look pretty in the spring park. Or am I getting off the subject here? And don't forget to click on Scape Biennial in the tag line below to see other SCAPE postings.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Adrienne! Love your comments!
As for Paul Johns I'll trust your judgment, the idea per se seems rather, well, ... underthought, strawberry cakes and all.. For somebody born in 1951, he should know better!
But your photograph is fantastic, fresh and simple! I'm looking forward to more posts of this event!


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