Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking Up.

Half the fun of any city is way above street level, yet how many people ever take the time to look up?
I like nothing better than stopping in the middle of a city street and looking up. Not only do I see many wonderful architectural details - and cranes - that I would otherwise miss, but I also seem to trigger everyone else's interest. Human curiosity. people can't seem to help themselves. They want to know what you're looking at. Try it sometime. Beyond the silliness though, looking up is also about unexpected compositions, about the juxtaposition of shapes, colours, textures, angles; about the interplay of positive and negative spaces. And here in Auckland I'm in heaven. There is a massive amount of development happening along the waterfront area (not all pretty it must be said); and being surrounded by highrise in the inner city, I'm having a field day with my camera. These shots were taken down at Britomart.

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