Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Words in the City

I'm a word hunter - always on the look out for everyday words in unusual or unexpected places, juxtaposed with surprising surroundings. So I was a little delighted when I fell upon this row of Wellington buses and the word GO last week - like wise the billboard, larger than life on Lambton Quay. I am endlessly intrigued by the vastly different situations that people find visually stimulating - my thrills not necessarily anyone elses's. And why is that? -That's what I want to know. Why do I respond so strongly to words (other than for the fact that I'm a writer), why cranes, why trees, why the spaces between architecture? And if I knew, would it detract a little from the mystery and the unexpectedness of it all? [Perhaps I should have called this post 'A Morning for Thinking.']

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