Sunday, January 22, 2012

Downed by an Earthquake & Other Random Photos

A short parade of photos from the Christchurch earthquake zone.
I tend to photograph in themes but every so often I like to gather up the oddments, the photos  that seemed great at the time, that fall between the cracks of the assorted subject lines that I focus on.
Here are a few.
A Ballantynes' foundation stone dislodged by successive earthquakes
Now a lonely reminder in the middle of a 'field' of rubble.
I wonder what Eliza White would think if she came back today?
When machinery becomes art.
Cranes dismantling the apartment building next to Christchurch Art Gallery, merge with Graham Bennett's "Reasons for Voyaging" - among which the earthquakes must now be listed.
The Hotel Grand Chancellor (right) - a reluctant 'celebrity' being brought down to size.
It's now equal in stature with the Holiday Inn (left).
One of the far-from-blank walls that now 'decorate' the city.
I'm very keen on all these newly exposed walls and their mix-and-match materials, their crooked patches, their uneven lines.
A long-standing plea (now also on a lean) that appears to be falling on deaf ears.
Although most of the upper end of High Street *is* currently still standing, I get the feeling there are no guarantees it will last the distance.
I always like a good puddle shot and this one somehow captures the sense of abandonment and desolation that prevails in inner city Christchurch right now.
A state that most of us in Christchurch are quite familiar with - at all levels!

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