Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A CountryHedge - Or Three

Excuse me while I prattle on about hedges again.
I spied these two beauties out at Oxford last weekend - sturdy old pine and macrocarpa hedges riddled with character and a certain 'tortured' beauty that I found irresistable. But then, I find most hedges irresistable. It's a weakness of mine. I have photographed hundreds of hedges throughout Australasia - mostly the manicured, domestc hedge in all its variables. But here in the South Island, there are a multitude of handsome country hedges - windbreaks on farms and shelterbelts around public parks and showgrounds. I found these ones at the Oxford Showgrounds and I love the fact that they have 'lifted their leafy skirts' to reveal their inner skeleton - their sturdy, architectural framework that holds them against the powerful North Canterbury winds. To me they seem almost animate and if I were still a child, I would be planning my next 'treehut' already. To see some of my many other hedge photos, just click on HEDGES in the label line below this post.

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