Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where's the Art?

It seems almost unbelievable that people would walk into a major art gallery and ask ‘where’s the art?’ But that’s what was happening at Christchurch Art Gallery. Hence this new signage – bold and colourful on either side of the central stairwell. I like it but then I’m a sucker for a good sign anyway - I have whole series of photographs dedicated solely to signs of assorted themes. (Click on Signs in the label line below this post if you're interested in seeing some). I never personally had any trouble ‘finding the art’ but I think this injection of pictorial information at the bottom of the stairs is a very good addition to the gallery’s foyer…..a foyer I love but some do find cavernous and slightly daunting. www.christchurchartgallery.org.nz

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