Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cycling and Walking - With Wine

When I called in at the Nor'Wester Cafe in Amberley recently, I was quick to pounce on information about the proposed Hurunui Cycling and Walking Trail, a vision for a network of trailes for pedestrians and cyclists, covering the Hurunui District. Friends of the Trail is a group that has been set up to promote the trail within the local community and to people passionate about cycling and walking. They've all been working madly to have the first stage of the trail - The Waipara Trail - open in 2010. The whole project has been reliant on fundraising for development, promotion and trail maintenance and a key part of that, has centred on sales of 'Waipara Trail' wine. Both Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir are available - this lot at Nor'Wester cafe. It's been a huge collaborative effort by locals and the trails look to be a great asset to the rural communities they pass through. The first stage of the Waipara Trail will, happily, pass through local wineries and assorted scenic and historic sites. As funds allow, this trail will be extended and linked to others in the greater Hurunui District, all the way up to Waiau and Hanmer Springs.

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