Wednesday, December 8, 2010

City Treescapes - Auckland

I love a city stripped bare by winter.

That time when trees 'come to life' in a new 'semi-dormant' way that alludes to a shadowy 'other presence.' I have an active imagination at the best of times and trees seem almost human to me - imbued with a dignity and a beauty

Admirable somehow. Lively and interactive.

Most especially, I love the way winter trees interact with city architecture. For me it's an intriguing coming together of Nature and the manmade - as if one is striving to outdo the other. I took a whole series of photos when I was in Auckland this last winter - strolling along Symonds Street at dusk, observing the contortion of limbs writhing toward the sky, up and across the face of surrounding architecture. One tree skeleton after another seemed to come to life in a new way, with their silhouettes reflected in nearby glass towers.
Mirror images, a tangle of shadows.
Stretched limbs, reaching, scratching against glass and concrete.
There's a purity in all those 'unclad' forms - a severe natural beauty
That comes to life in the afternoon slant of winter light.

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