Thursday, December 23, 2010

City Scene - 7

I loved the forms, movement and colours in the Britomart Railway Station in Auckland and busily set about photographing them - until I was stopped by a security guard. I guess he thought I was a terrorist or something.


Unknown said...

It bothers me how our photographic freedom is being eroded, and we just accept it. How ridiculous is it to think that you be posing any sort of threat taking photos in Britomart? I feel that much of the candid public photography we now value in archival material will be missing from the early 2000's onwards.

Adrienne Rewi said...

I agree completely Bill. I did challenge the security man at the time and asked him what harm I was doing because clearly I *wasn't* a terrorist but simply someone with an interest in photography. His reply? "It's the rules."
I had a worse experience at Dunedin Casino - there the guard threatened to throw me out and got really nasty. Pathetic! I was photographing the tile floor. But I won... if you put Dunedin casino into the search box, you'll see the resulting sneaky photograph that now, always makes me smile. Adrienne

Sandy said...

of course you sooooo totally look like your run of the mill terrorist LOL! *rolls eyes* Have a fantastic holiday season Ads :-)


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