Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Eat, Explore, Indulge, Relish"

Photos Supplied by Zest
That’s the motto at Wellington’s Zest Food Tours and it’s easy to do when you end up at places like Mojo Coffee Cartel (top).This is where Zest gives you an introduction to the capital’s buzzing coffee culture. You get to roast the coffee with staff and taste the different local coffee styles. Mojo’s owner, Steve Gianoutsos is a second-generation café owner and his father, Lambros, is Mojo’s chief coffee roaster and blender. Another of Zest’s tricky-to-find food gems is Moore Wilson Fresh Market, which is a regular highlight on all their Wellington food tours. Here (bottom photo) visitors from England and America are tasting a range of regional cheeses, apple juices and seasonal fruits and vegetables. One of the best things about a Zest tour – their Walking Gourmet Tour at least – is that by walking the streets, you get an up close and personal feel for the city. It’s a feast for all the senses! http://www.zestfoodtours.co.nz/

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